Cutting Edge Power Solar Panel USB Adapter, Mount Directly to Solar Panel 100 Watts

Cutting Edge Power #ad - Plugs directly into standard MC4 solar panel connectors. Capable of charging at 5v 2A on all USB ports at the same time! In direct sunlight. 200+ version includes 8 USB ports. Great for an emergency power supply for your home, tailgate party, campsite, or your latest home improvement project. High-quality double-plated gold USB port.

Our solar panel usb adapter is a perfect portable power solution providing a constant 5V USB output as long as you have sun. 50w+ version: includes 2 USB ports. Usb output with overvoltage protection and thermal shutdown. 100w+ version: includes 4 USB ports. Works with 50W or greater solar panel. Compatible with 12V or 24V solar panels.

Cutting Edge Power Solar Panel USB Adapter, Mount Directly to Solar Panel 100 Watts #ad - Supports apple / android phones and tablets as well as any other device that uses 5V USB. Lightweight and compact - Fits behind the rail of a standard solar panel. Works with 200w or greater solar panel No batteries to mess with! Works with 100W or greater solar panel.

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Renogy MC4 Tool Assembly and Disassembly Tool Solar Panel Cable Crimping Tool for Male/Female MC4 Connectors

TOOL-MC4 TOOL-MC4 #ad - For breaking connections after they have already been locked together. Very handy for the assembly of custom Mc4 wires. 100% compatible with Renogy MC4 connectors. The mc4 assembly tool is a hard plastic material that is very handy for both the assembly of custom MC4 wires, making it easier for new and veteran users to quickly and easily tighten and take apart the connectors.

Hard plastic.

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